Top Causes For An Internet Business Lost Sale

As you seek sales for your internet business from all the visitors to your websites and blogs, many will take a look at and read the sales copy for your product. The fact is the majority will not take action and buy for a variety of reasons, and if you can identify the major objections and try and rectify them, you will see your sales conversion rate increase greatly.

The first reason that your internet business did not make that sale is due to the ever prevailing objection of “does it work?” Your offer may just sound too good to be true and the general scepticism of people will kick in and give them a reason for not buying. Too much hyped sales language and not enough reassurance and proof that it actually does what it says will be the factors to try and overcome.

The second reason is the difficult challenge of getting prospects out of their comfort zone where there is the belief that they are doing alright and don’t need what you have to offer. They are of the opinion that they are coping okay without having it and it is your challenge to emphasis the benefits of the product and the consequences of not getting it. Often fear is a greater motivator for many than the prospects of success.

Everyone is sceptical of products being offered that seemingly contain the answer we have been looking for which conjures the thought of “I’ve seen it all before”. Get around this fast ensuring the prospect realizes that your product is different and is better as it does not have the weaknesses of other products in the particular market. It can’t be a “me too” product. You must ensure that yours really does offer something different to the other solutions available.

Two interconnected reasons to overcome are firstly self doubt which is where the potential customer again finds a reason not to take action. It is important to demonstrate that it offers the chance for anyone to make progress using your product as everything is explained in easy understood language. Once again social proof is a useful tool where you can demonstrate that people of different ages and capabilities have benefited from using the info. The other reason is procrastination and this can be reduced clearly stating what they are missing out on if they don’t take action now and this is an opportunity to work in the fear factor of not taking action.

The sixth reason is about price and the view that it costs too much. It is useful here to use price comparisons of items that can be related to and to highlight that for the same amount of money, the user can gain these benefits. Plus, emphasise the cost of missing out not getting the product. The final reason is to do with the perceived notion that it will be too difficult or complicated for the customer to use or the amount of work that they will have to do. The simplicity of its use should be highlighted and the factor that a little effort is required whatever you do in life, there is no free lunch. Yet using your product, that nasty word of work can be reduced to a minimum as it will save time.