MLM Home-Based Businesses

What’s your opinion of MLM home-based businesses? Do you have an opinion?

Most people seem to and unless they actually know what multi-level marketing is, they tend to think it’s some kind of scam and mutter dark things about ‘pyramids’. But they are speaking from ignorance!

I expect you’re aware of that, or you wouldn’t have been attracted to my title. So I won’t spend too much time here explaining MLM, except to say that it isn’t just the business of the present. It is also very much the business of the future.

Robert Kiyosaki says that everyone should own a marketing business. I doubt you need telling that Robert is a New York Times bestselling author and business guru. When I first read his book RICH DAD POOR DAD and Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW QUADRANT I was awed his insights.

Then, with his THE BUSINESS OF THE 21st CENTURY in my hands, I was awed my own decision several years ago to get involved in network marketing. Back then, you see, it was still considered to be ‘risky’. The majority of people still thought that a JOB was the thing to have – that a job offered security, peace of mind, an eventual retirement plan.

Well, once upon a time jobs (good jobs) did of course offer all that. But do they today? Robert Kiyosaki claims that “Job security is an obsolete idea” and let’s simply say I wouldn’t want my future to depend just on having a ‘boss’.

Why would I want to work to put profits in someone else’s pocket? Why would I trust, given the uncertainties of today’s world, that my job (if I were ‘lucky’ enough to get one in the first place) would be mine for very long?

Whereas, with a carefully selected MLM home-based business that’s right for you, freedom from the whole job syndrome beckons! There’s freedom in other respects too…

FREEDOM from commuting;

FREEDOM to choose your hours;

FREEDOM to choose your marketplace;

FREEDOM to choose who you work with;

FREEDOM to choose how much you earn (as long as you put in the necessary commitment and work!)

FREEDOM to take control over your life;

And ultimately FINANCIAL FREEDOM (whatever that means to you)!

That all sounds too good to be true? I’m sure it doesn’t if you’ve already explored the benefits of MLM. But if you haven’t yet explored them (or even if you have!) I’ll just mention what my MLM business has given me:

1. The knowledge that the top of the system is open to all – unlike in traditional corporate systems, where there’s room for just one person to reach the top of the company. Let’s quickly touch again on the pyramid mentioned earlier.

A pyramid the right way up is the shape of traditional business – with room for one at the top. But reverse the pyramid and you have the shape of MLM. The point at the bottom represents where everyone starts from, while the width at the top represents the space available for all who are willing and able to make the grade.