Three Ways to Put Fresh Spins on Old Marketing Concepts

Are you suffering to discover a new twist for vintage advertising or advertising campaigns?

If you’re a small commercial enterprise owner or a copywriter/train/other innovative professional, you know exactly what I’m speaking approximately. Having to provide you with new thoughts for a protracted-term consumer (or maybe your own commercial enterprise) may be overwhelming.

As plenty as you adore those long-time period clients or installed products, due to their longevity, it gets more difficult and tougher to come up with the following fantastic product.

But in no way worry. Here are three methods to get those innovative juices (and new thoughts) flowing.

1. Study different commercials. Flip via a magazine or switch on the television, besides this time focus on the ads and not the content (I understand, I understand, this is counter to what you usually do). Which ads do you like? Why do you want them? Is there some thing that those advertisements are doing you could alter in your campaigns?

The key phrase is modify, no longer reproduction. I don’t want anyone committing copyright infringement. What I’m speakme approximately is using an present ad to jump-begin your very own ideas. Maybe you actually just like the use of an evocative photo with a single caption. Or the use of repetition in Mastercard’s “Priceless” campaign. Or the idea of turning the “cash can not purchase the whole lot” on its head (that’s essence of that campaign). Can you operate that concept in your campaign?

Another resource for fantastic ads is Communication Arts Magazine. Each problem showcases some of the maximum creative and delightful advertisements discovered everywhere.

2. Check out what a completely unique enterprise is doing. For example, shall we embrace you sell software merchandise to computer specialists. Techy marketplace, proper? So, pick up a yoga mag. See how that industry communicates with its target market. Now try selling your product the use of the identical language and ideas. Take it a step similarly and brainstorm approaches your software program product is similar to doing yoga.

This is a very powerful manner to jolt your personal wondering and begin your muse down a totally specific route you might in no way have determined before.

Three. Force a connection. With this idea, force a connection with a random object instead of an entire industry. You ask your self, how is your software program similar to a crammed dog? Write down the entirety you can consider, no matter how stupid or foolish. Sometimes the foolish thoughts are those that result in the super ones.

A very last word: If at all feasible, do not rush this method. Give your muse some time to contemplate and play with these techniques. I are aware of it often seems like thoughts pop into your head out of thin air, however normally it truly is because of the difficult work you have put into it. You’ve given your muse the vital tools and “incubation time” to make ideas take place.