Five Tips to Make Your Marketing More Creative

Same vintage identical old simply would not promote anymore. To make your advertising stand out, you need to get innovative. Below are five suggestions designed to get your creative juices flowing. Some are brainteasers or are what Michael Michalko in “Thinkertoys” calls Linear Thinkertoys. Others fall under intuition or Intuitive Thinkertoys.

Some pointers might also appeal to you extra than others. My concept is to try them all. Even the ones you’re now not attracted to can also still open some doors that would not have opened any other manner.

These guidelines will paintings whether or not you sell a product, a service or each.

1. Find the “2d right solution.” Roger von Oech talks approximately this in A Whack on the Side of the Head. Don’t be content material with the first precise idea you give you. Take the time to consider a second, or 1/3 or fiftieth concept. Quantity counts – the more thoughts you have to select from, the more likely you may find out an terrific or even a fantastic one. Remember, Thomas Edison discovered hundreds of methods a mild bulb didn’t paintings.

2. Change the question. If you exchange the query, you are probable going to get a specific answer. You say you want to sell more merchandise? What if you modified the question to how can you’re making extra money? Well, there are different ways to make extra money than to sell extra products – maybe you decrease the value of creating the product otherwise you enhance the fee of the product. Now you unexpectedly have new avenues to explore instead of just happening the same worn-out direction.

Three. Ask your product or service the way it wants to be sold. Now we pass into greater intuitive techniques. Start using getting yourself into a relaxed country. Take a few deep breaths or exercise some relaxation strategies. Imagine your product or service in the front of you. Now ask it questions. Who do you want to be bought to? How do you need to be bought? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Who do you watched you may help? Why do you want to help them? You can also try this technique as a magazine workout. Write down the question and answer. See what bubbles up onto the paper.

4. Paint a public members of the family campaign. What might a press launch appear to be in case you painted it? Or sculpted it? How approximately a dance quantity? A university? Take any a part of your advertising that issues you and flip it into a chunk of artwork. By combining two numerous acts, you could find out your answer. Or you could now not give you whatever in any respect, however just the act of “playing” and “developing” could jolt something loose. Hours or days later your concept may also turn out to be on your lap.

5. Walk faraway from it. If nothing is running, then forestall. You can literally walk away via taking a stroll, or just end thinking about it. This is specially essential if you locate yourself getting pissed off or discouraged. Give your subconscious time to mull matters over. The concept may additionally just suddenly seem to you. Or, after a few days, strive some other exercising or two. That can be the catalyst you need.