Health Insurance – A Wise Way Of Recouping Medical Expenses

Have you taken responsibility for your health and fitness? No. Then you need to. If you don’t illness and lack of health will take responsibility for you. In this first part of a two part, I explain your current health and fitness is a direct result of your actions and decisions.

Who has influence over how fit and healthy you are? Whose decisions and actions have brought you to the level of health and fitness you have at the moment? The answer to both these questions is “You do” and “You.”

You are responsible for your health and fitness. You and no-one else. “What about my doctor, or gym instructor? Is it not their responsibility?”

No! They are merely responsible for prescribing or advising in very specific circumstances, and usually to correct a problem. Correcting a problem does not create health and fitness, it just removes a problem. You are responsible for your health and fitness, not your doctor or gym instructor.

It is very important for you to realize that the levels of health and fitness that you will enjoy (or suffer from) in the future, will be down to the decisions and actions that you take. It is your responsibility.

Your current and future health and fitness is not the result of chance. You have got the results you have chosen, and you will have the results you chose.

Look at these figures. Smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise reduces your life span a decade (not doing exercise for 30 minutes every day reduces you life span 5 years).
You decide not to exercise, not to eat healthily, and you decide to smoke. You decide to die a decade early.

You decide to exercise for half an hour a day, eat a good diet, and be a non smoker. You decide to live an extra decade.

Your actions are like picking up a stick. You chose to pick up a stick the near end, but when you pick up one end of the stick, you also end up picking up the other end. The two ends are inseparable. When you make a decision, you chose to act in a certain way today, here and now. You know the here and now result. The other end of the stick is often years off. The effects of your decision will be felt in the future but are for now out of sight (and out of mind?).